Essure Procedure for Sterilization

At Grapevine Women’s Health we believe our patients should be involved in making decisions regarding their healthcare. Part of the decision-making process revolves around the discussion of risks and benefits of a procedure or treatment.

One procedure with significant benefits, and some risks, is the Essure procedure for sterilization. With Essure, the inside of uterus and openings to the fallopian tubes are visualized with a camera inserted through the cervix. Once the openings to the tubes are found to be satisfactory for placement, titanium coils are placed on each side ultimately blocking the fallopian tubes.

One of the many benefits of Essure is that it is a quick, in-office procedure completed with local numbing that allows for rapid return to normal activities. By having the procedure in the office, patients avoid anesthesia as well as risks associated with being in the hospital. Once it is confirmed the fallopian tubes are blocked, the sterilization is almost 100% effective. One drawback is that backup birth control is required for the first three months after the procedure. After three months a dye test performed at a radiology suite is required to confirm tubal blockage. Using a backup birth control for three months may seem like a long time, but once tubal blockage is confirmed, you may remain without birth control forever.

Risks, although rare, may include chronic pelvic pain and pain with sex.

There is a time and place for every procedure. Essure is the correct procedure for many patients. For patients who have not had a positive experience with their Essure device, we at Grapevine Women’s Health have the experience to remove the coils through a minimally invasive procedure called laparoscopy rather than the more invasive hysterectomy which, in the past, was the only option for patients experiencing complications.

If you have completed child rearing and are interested in having Essure placed or if you have had Essure placed and want the coils removed, please contact our office to discuss your available options.

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